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  • Beginnt am 6. Nov.
  • 140 Euro

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Flax is a plant fiber that has been with mankind for much longer than wool, but today it is hardly used even by experienced hand spinners. This online course aims to change that because spinning flax is a really great experience. What we do: • European history and traditions in the flax handicraft • Growing, harvesting and processing flax • Fiber preparation of purchased flax • Distaff building and distaff dressing • Spinning tow and long flax on the hand spindle or the spinning wheel • Yarn finalization What you need: • Knowledge of the spinning wheel • Hand cards, wool combs or at least a dog / cat brush must be available • Improvised distaff - broomhandle, camera tripod, wooden stick • Computer with webcam and microphone • Flax fibers How it works • We meet online for 3 hours each day Monday to Thursday via Zoom Price 140 Euro regular 110 Euro Members of the Bertas flax group Sign up:

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Leithen 16, Julbach, Österreich

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