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 A traditional craft has to be seen, felt, experienced. Yes, you can do that online as well because our workshops are so much more than just a download link.


  •  Depending on the subject you can choose between only the videos or a complete set with a box full of all the materials you need

  • Work whenever you feel like it. All workshops can be accessed for 6 months

  • I am here for you. You can ask questions or seek my assistance via email, chat or in the FB groups dedicated to the different workshops.

Making paints out of plants, soil or minerals

Watercolours, gouache, oil paints, chalkpaints - all of them can be  made at home with just plants, minerals or soils and some easy obtainable ingredients.

In this online workshop you can explore medieval recipes for madderred, mayanblue,ocheryellow and bladdergreen.


Module 1:  Simple watercolours made of plants (Available in GERMAN here ENGLISH COMING SOON )

Module 2:  Pigmentextraction (plants, soil, minerals) (Available in GERMAN and ENGLISH  FEBRUAR/MARCH 2021)

If you are interested in any of the courses not available right now please let me know by emailing me to

Contents modul 1

Video 1: History of colourmaking

Video 2: What plants to use

Video 3: Preparing and cooking

Video 4: Other ways of extracting colour

Video 5: Development of colours

Video 6: Kreative techniques and projects

Contents modul 2

  • Basic theorie on pigments

  • Making minersl/soil pigments

  • Making lake Pigments

  • Process of making Mayanblue

  • Making copper pigments

  • From pigment to paint - how to make simple paints out of the pigments

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